Alarm System Door Stop Alarm And Fishing Bite Alarm


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Door Stop Alarm Stop an unwanted visitor from coming through the door regardless if you are in your home, at...

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Door Stop Alarm

Stop an unwanted visitor from coming through the door regardless if you are in your home, at a hotel, or in a dorm room with this door stopper alarm by Stalwart. Sensitivity settings including low, medium, and high, will make you feel safe and secure anywhere you are.
    • Activates a 120 dB alarm
    • Alarm will scare off the would-be intruder and alert you to the attempted entry
    • Adjustable sensitivity switch prevents tampering
    • On/off switch will prevent the unit from accidentally sounding
    • Electronic door alarm requires one 9V battery (not included)
    • MULTIPLE LEVELS OF SENSITIVITY- Get alerted anytime someone opens the door to your room. With high, medium, and low sensitivity options, you can choose how much movement is required to set off the alarm, letting you feel safe and secure anywhere you go.
    • DUAL FUNCTION- Equipped with a non-skid pad, this door wedge can keep any door from opening or closing. Place in front of a door and keep it from closing to permit easy entrance or place behind the door to stop it from opening.
    • TRAVEL SIZE- Whether you are traveling or staying at home, feel safe wherever you go. Throw in any travel bag, and bring the sense of security you feel at home to any hotel or dorm room.
    • PRODUCT DETAILS-  Dimensions: 5.5” (L) x 1.8” (W) x 1.5” (H). Requires one 9-volt battery (not included). Includes: Sensitivity switch with low, medium, and high settings. On/Off switch.

    Easy and Practical DIY Installation Install the battery,place it under the door,the door stopper alarm in "on" status,when door pressure is applied,the door alarm will be triggered while make extremely loud 120db alarm;the door stopper alarm in "off" status,it can be used as common damping rubber base door wedge,hold door in open position,no any  loud alarm sound.  The Door Stop Alarm offers a practical, inexpensive means to help protect yourself and safeguard your belongings.  The Dorm Stop Alarm is battery operated with a built in siren.  It is portable and doesn’t require any wiring or complicated installation making it ideal for bedrooms, apartments and dorms as well as for hotel rooms when traveling.  Pressure from an inward opening door sets off a 120 dB alarm that is likely to startle and scare off an intruder and wake you.  Also, the anti-skid pad helps prevent door from opening.

    Name Fishing Bite Alarm
    Matirial Plastic and Rubber
    Power supply LR44 button cell
    Size 8cm*6.5cm*4cm
    Weight 63g



    Fishing Bite Alarm

    A bite alarm is a common piece of equipment for most fishermen. As an electrical device, this Fishing bite alarm with LED-Indicator will let you know there is a fish hitting at the hook. No matter in daytime, or at night you can set free yourself from staring at the fishing rod, the only thing you need to do is to wrap around this Alarm with your fishing line.
    Set your eyes from staring at the rod. When a fish bites the hook, the alarm goes off. So if you are doing something or lost in thought , but by a fish bit, the alarm will notify you.
    Beyond just carp fishing. For those who fish seriously, it is an essential piece of equipment. Great for fishing catfish, carp, sturgeon, off the jetty and so on.

    • Sound - light alarm device for fishing. The alarm will notify you, when a fish hits or runs
    • Small and exquisite design, easy to carry, easy to install. You only need to clip this alarm on rod, and then wrap the fishing line around alarm
    • Will not damage your fishing line, very sensitive when fish swallows the bait. Don't ring in the wind but will when fish strike the rod
    • Powered by a LR44 button cell material, energy saving
    • Perfect for fishing at night, in complete darkness, they can be even more valuable since they not only emit sound, they also light up when a fish hits or


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    Alarm System Door Stop Alarm And Fishing Bite Alarm

    Door Stop Alarm / 1 Set-(Free shipping worldwide)
    Door Stop Alarm / 1 Set-(Free shipping worldwide)