FTTH 10G 16 8 4 port GPON OLT 7db GBIC C+++ Web management ONT auto register ONU XPON 8*PON 4*GE RJ45 2*GE SFP 2*10GE SFP


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    Cppp=C+++,about 7dB 16/8/4 port GPON OLT Web management  auto register ONU  8*PON   4*GE RJ45 2*GE SFP 2*10GE...

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Cppp=C+++,about 7dB
16/8/4 port GPON OLT
Web management 
auto register ONU 
4*GE RJ45
2*10GE SFP 

Product Information:

UP:1.25Gbps  DOWN:2.5GbpsSwitching Capacity:82Gbps




Switching Capacity


Forwarding Capacity(Ipv4/Ipv6)


Service Port

8*PON port, 4*GE RJ45, 2*GE SFP port, 2*10GE SFP+ port

Redundancy Design

Dual power supply

Support double AC input, double DC input and AC+DC input

Power Supply

AC: input 100~240V 50/60Hz;

Power Consumption


Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)

Net: 440mm×44mm×380mm Package:520mm*460mm*140mm

Weight (Full-Loaded)


Environmental Requirements

Working temperature: -10°C~55°C

Storage temperature: -40°C~70°C

Relative humidity: 10%~90%, non-condensing




PON Features



SN/Password/SN+Password/LOID/LOIDPassword/LOID+LOID Password authentication modes;

Terminal access up to 60km on a single fiber;

1:64 split ratio on single PON port, scalable to 1: 128 split ratio;

DBA algorithm, and the particle is for 64Kbit/s;

Standard OMCI management function;

ONU batch software upgrade;

PON port optical parameter detection;

Auto registeration ONU bound with default profile

L2 Features


MAC Black Hole;

Port MAC Limit;

64K MAC (packet exchange chip cache 2MB );


4K VLAN entries;

Port-based VLAN classification;

Uplink VLAN Swap and VLAN Remark;

Spanning Tree


Remote loop detecting;


Support link aggregation;

Port mirroring;


Auto configuration service-port by profile

VLAN transparent/tag/stacking/aggregation



User's Security



Port Isolation;

MAC address binding to the port and MAC address filtering;

Device Security

Support the control layer to prevent a variety of DOS attacks and virus attacks against the CPU;

SSHv2 Secure Shell;

Login Security IP via Telnet;

Hierarchical management and password protection of users;

Network Security

User-based MAC and ARP traffic examination;

Restrict ARP traffic of each user and force-out user with abnormal ARP traffic;

Dynamic ARP table-based binding;

IP+VLAN+MAC+Port binding;

L2 to L7 ACL flow filtration mechanism on the 80 bytes of the head of user-defined packet;

Port-based broadcast/multicast suppression and auto-shutdown risk port;

DHCP Option82 and PPPoE+ upload user's physical location

Service Features



Standard and extended ACL;

Time Range ACL;

Flow classification and flow definition based on source/destination MAC address, VLAN, 802.1p, ToS, DiffServ, source/destination IP(IPv4/IPv6) address, TCP/UDP port number, protocol type, etc;

packet filtration of L2~L7 deep to 80 bytes of IP packet head;


Rate-limit to packet sending/receiving speed of port or self-defined flow and provide general flow monitor and two-speed tri-color monitor of self-defined flow;

CAR(Committed Access Rate),Traffic Shaping and flow statistics;

Packet mirror and redirection of interface and self-defined flow;

Supports priority marking of ports or custom flows and provides 802.1p, DSCP-priority Remark capability;

Super queue scheduler based on port or self-defined flow. Each port/flow supports 8 priority queues and scheduler of SP, WRR andSP+WRR;

Congestion Avoidance Mechanism, including Tail-Drop and WRED;


DHCP Relay;

DHCP Server;

DHCP Snooping;

Static Routing;


IGMPv1/v2/v3 Snooping;

IGMP Fast leave;

IGMP Proxy;


Loop Protection


Link Protection

RSTP/MSTP (recover-time <1s);

Link aggregation (recover-time <10ms);

Device Protection

1+1 power hot backup;


Network Maintenance

Port real-time, utilization and transmit/receive statistic

Powerful WEB GUI


Data Logging and RFC 3164 BSD syslog Protocol;

Ping and Traceroute;

Device Management

Console port, Telnet, SSH management;

Out-band management;


RMON (Remote Monitoring)1,2,3,9 groups MIB;


Fan management



G008 provides 8 * downlink GPON port, 4 *GE RJ45 port, and 2* 10G SFP+ port. The height is only 1U for easy installation and space-saving. G008/G016 is suitable for Broadcast three in one, video surveillance network, enterprise LAN, Internet of Things, etc.

Product photos:

Storeservice & Delivery:

1. Any quality problem can be returned or replaced within 7 days.
2. We guarantee our products within one year.
3. Customers' questions will be answered within 24 hours.
4. Most products will be shipped within 48 hours.

About Payment:

visa card/master card/bank card / paypal...

About feedback:

If you are satisfied with the item while it is in good condition. we sincerely to invite you to leave us all 5-star rating positive feedback.

If you are disatisfied with the item or service,please contact us first, we will supply the best solution and work harder to give you more excellent service.

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FTTH 10G 16 8 4 port GPON OLT 7db GBIC C+++ Web management ONT auto register ONU XPON 8*PON 4*GE RJ45 2*GE SFP 2*10GE SFP

8 GPON without SFP
8 GPON without SFP