Walkie Talkie 2PCS KSUN M3 Two Way Radio 8 Watt Long Range Comunicador Transceiver Mini Talkie Walkie Intercom Radio Station


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KSUN M3 Walkie Talkie Ksun M3 Walkie Talkie is the Mini Walkie Talkie with 8 Watt power Intercom Accept Long...

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KSUN M3 Walkie Talkie

Ksun M3 Walkie Talkie is the Mini Walkie Talkie with 8 Watt power Intercom Accept Long Range Comunicador Also a classical Mini Station Radio receiver.

KSUN M3 Walkie Talkie Meet Your Critical Requirements!

1)8W high power communication range up to 8 km(Note,the working range is affected by the working environment )
2)Powerful penetration Floor 1-50
3)8000mAh Standby for about 10 days
4)9-level noise reduction Clear and bright sound
5)USB direct charge Type-C fast charge
6)Low battery alarm Prompt
7)Channel scanning Listen to the selection signal
8)LED dot matrix Screen display
9)Voice control function hands Free

KSUN M3 Walkie Talkie Product Parameters

More KSUN Mini Walkie talkie Mini Radio Choose the Right for you!

Display and directions Of KSUN Two Way Radio M3

①Antenna ②PTT Button ③Dot matrix display ④Channel minus key ⑤Menu
⑥Channel plus key ⑦Charging port
⑧Power button ⑨Back clip

Simple Mini Design of KSUN M3 Walkie Talkie

Simple appearance, comfortable grip, smooth polished body, simple and convenient button design, convenient integrated back cliplet you devote yourself to the work, no distraction due to cumbersome operation.

Thin Body Of The KSUN M3 Transceiver Mini Radio

Create high capacity and high power.Light and powerful walkie-talkie with a thickness of only 1.5CM

Good Voice Quality KSUN M3 Mini Walkie Talkie

The M series is equipped with a large unit sounding horn, the sound is clear and loudly, 9 levels of intelligent noise reduction, no need to worry aboutthe conmunication quality, automatic shielding and filtering of environmental noise,Your partner can clearly hear your voice

The Strong Intermal Antenna Integrated

Minimalist Design Of the KSUN M3 Radio Receiver

Refreshing and rounded appearance, simple design. Simple classic The smooth touch of the color matching surface painting process allows

TYPE-C Fast Charge With The KSUN Walkie Talkie

TYPE-C Fast Charge Simple and Fast

More Loudly Sounds Of KSUN M3 Long Range Comunicador

Experience the Clarity of Immersive Outdoors ln order to cope with various noisy environments, a large audio processing chip is adopted, which makes the sound more clear and thick, and with digital filtering technology, it can still clearly talk in noisy environment.80 Decibel Big Speakers.
Full Band 400-47OM Strong Reception

KSUN M3 Walkie Talkie The Strength Version oF Mini Walkie talkie

Walkie Talkie,radio comunicador ,Radio station
Radio receiver,walkie talkie long range
Radio Station


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Walkie Talkie 2PCS KSUN M3 Two Way Radio 8 Watt Long Range Comunicador Transceiver Mini Talkie Walkie Intercom Radio Station

M3 Black-2PCS
M3 Black-2PCS