TDA7265 5.1 channel finished power amplifier board subwoofer home theater 6 channel HIFI audio and video fever


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product advantages: *The circuit uses 3 TDA7265 chip architecture 5.1 channel power amplifiers, each channel works independently, and heavy bass...

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product advantages:
*The circuit uses 3 TDA7265 chip architecture 5.1 channel power amplifiers, each channel works independently, and heavy bass output;
*Using 2X10000U capacitor filter, with small fluctuation and smoother waveform;
* Use one-point grounding, separate strong and weak signals, and minimize static noise;
*Component configuration, filter capacitor adopts 50V10000U Black King Kong, coupling capacitor adopts ELNA Zihongpao SILMIC Brown God series electrodeless capacitor, feedback capacitor adopts ELNA gold word audio electrolytic capacitor, IC adopts original imported TDA7265, decoupling, RC filter, etc. all adopt imported capacitors. Designed for fever;
Product parameters:
*Input voltage: AC dual 12-21V;
*PCB size: 164mm×80mm, thickness 1.6mm glass fiber board FR-4, fixed hole diameter 3mm;
*Potentiometer spacing: 19mm;
*IC spacing: 28mm;
*Output power: 6×25W;
* Output impedance: 4-8 ohms, 3~6.5 inches is recommended for speakers;
1. The power amplifier board generates a large amount of heat during high-power output, and the radiator must have sufficient heat dissipation area to provide a good working environment.
2. Please use the matching silicon film and insulating rubber ring to insulate the IC and the heat sink during installation.
3. Please discharge the 10000U capacitor first to avoid damage to the IC.
4. Pay attention to the polarity of electrolytic capacitors, diodes, LEDs, and rectifier bridges during production, and do not install them in reverse.
5. After the welding is completed, check it again carefully to confirm that the welding is correct, then power on and test the machine. Do not connect the speaker after power-on. Use a multimeter to test the output terminal to verify that there is no DC output before connecting the speaker.

5.1声道是指中央声道,前置左、右声道、后置左、右环绕声道,及所谓的0.1声道重低音声道。一套系统总共可连接6个喇叭。5.1声道已广泛运用于各类传统影院和家庭影院中,一些比较知名的声音录制压缩格式,譬如杜比AC-3(Dolby Digital)、DTS等都是以5.1声音系统为技术蓝本的,其中“0.1”声道,则是一个专门设计的超低音声道,这一声道可以产生频响范围20~120Hz的超低音。

好的电路设计加上优质元件的选用其效果就能发挥至高极限!①耦合电容采用ELNA紫红袍 SILMIC棕神系列无极电容;②电阻采用金属膜低噪五色环电阻,其噪音十分低;③反馈电容采用ELNA金字音频电解电容,决定音质的关键;④IC采用全新原装进口意法电子TDA7265,运放采用原装德州TI NE5532;⑤滤波采用黑金刚50V10000U大水塘,波形平滑;⑥退耦、RC滤波等电容皆采用日本化工、西门子等进口电容;⑦LT 25A大电流整流桥,内阻低速度快,有利于改善低频效果。


IC采用原装进口意法电子TDA765,音质好,绝非拆机件;运放采用原装德州TI NE5532。

PCB 双层走线,采用一点式接地,强弱信号分开走线,在主滤波电容处一点式汇,静态噪音极小。

耦合电容采用ELNA 紫红袍 SILMIC 棕神系列无极电容;反馈电容采用ELNA金字音频电解电容,决定音质的关键;




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TDA7265 5.1 channel finished power amplifier board subwoofer home theater 6 channel HIFI audio and video fever